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Zoom is a package for web developers to easily add a powerful custom search engine
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14 May 2005

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While creating a new website, forum, or blog developers have to lay much stress upon making it easily navigable for the visitors. Often this leads to compromising upon content pages or placing too many menus or links over every page. But, this can make it more confusing for the visitors to find the necessary content and surf through different pages. Well, how about inserting a ‘Search’ feature with your website to make it easier for users to find the exact content or information they’re looking for. However, for performing this you needn’t perform complex coding tasks and long technical processes, as you can easily get the website search feature with Zoom Search Engine 4.0 1016. The program functions expertly to help you insert powerful custom search engine within your website, with ease. With no server-side setups required, you just have to index and upload the search engine function to your website.

Zoom Search Engine integrates ‘Google-like’ context descriptions, offline and spider indexing, exact phrase and wildcard searching, statistic reports, spelling suggestions, sort-by-date options, PDF/DOC/XLS/PPT files, and even more functions. The search feature is available for CGI, PHP, JavaScript, or ASP platforms. For beginning the task, you’re provided with options to create search engine for online website, offline DVD or CD-ROM, or for Intranet. Now, you can index your website using spider mode or offline mode, after which the program scans the website and generates index files for search engine. Moving on, you’d have to configure the ‘Search Page’ and ‘Result Layout’ option to get the search engine function accordingly. Then set the Scan and Skip options for making the search engine provide results considering the set rules. Further, you can define features concerning Indexing options, Limits, Authentication, Languages, Weightings, Filtering, Categories, etc. Finally, you can upload the generated index pages to your website using the in-built FTP feature.

The remarkable Zoom Search Engine aids you in adding search engine to your website making it easy for the visitors to find desired content or information. As it offers incredible and exclusive set of features along with the marvelous performance delivered, the utility is being allotted with 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Zoom is a package for web developers to add an industrial-strength custom search engine to their website in a matter of minutes. No complicated server-side setup procedures, just index and upload from the convenience of your own Windows computer. Features include: "Google-like" context descriptions, wildcard and exact phrase searching, spider & offline indexing, statistic reports, sort by date options, spelling suggestions, DOC/PDF/XLS/PPT files, and more. Visit our website for a full list of features. Available for PHP, ASP, or JavaScript platforms. A free edition is available for smaller websites and a professional version available for larger websites.
Zoom Search Engine
Zoom Search Engine
Version 4.0
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Chris McCabe
TOO COMPLICATED, TO EXPENSIVE !!!, USE LESS EXPENSIVE SOFTWARE !!! Some Nice Features, But You Have To Be Donald Trump To Afford The Software, Use Another Piece Of Software That Is Less Expensive. FREE Version Limited To 50 Pages, Not Going To Help You Much. Tried To Copy Google`s Search Engine Technology, They Failed. TO EXPENSIVE, Who Has $299 for the Enterprise Edition, This COMPANY JUST WANTS TO MAKE MONEY !!!. Will Not Offer A Small Business A Discount !!!
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